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after care

tips for after your treatment to maximize results

Hydration Is key

Proper hydration and adequate water intake will assist the lymphatic system in drainage. This will help maximize weight loss and results by directly increasing your lymphatic drainage flow. Drink a minimum of one gallon of water every day. Try out the Liquid I.V. packet for an extra hydration boost in your water! As well as detox teas to help support drainage!

After care for cryo Ems, toning/slimming and facials or double chin treatments

staying active

Staying active and exercising daily, this will help maximize your desired results by increasing your lymphatic systems flow and activating the treatment area. Try going for daily walks or incorporating a gym routine into your daily life.

other tips

*Massage treatment area towards closest lymphatic 3-5 times a day
*dry brush treatment arera towards closet lymphatic
*avoid alcohol, carbs, and sugar as much as possible and limit caffeine intake

after care for teeth whitening

*do not brush your teeth up to 5 hour before your appointment. This ensure best possible results

*eat before appointment so you are able to avoid food 2 hours after treatment

*Drink as much water as possible. The more water you drink before and after your appointment, the better your results and the less sensitivity you will experience.



*Hydrate! For the next 2 hours drink as much water as possible and avoid any other food and drink for those 2 hours.
*do not smoke or chew tobacco for the next 2 hours
*avoid any dark colored food or drinks for the next 24 hours (soda, wine, coffee, red meat, etc.)
*for the next 48 hours brush your teeth very gently and try to avoid brushing the gums.
*any sensitivity is typically gone within 24 hours. 

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